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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:20 am 
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Hi Everybody, you can call me Xemnas o Ray if it's easier to you.

I'm a guitarist... and a great Megas fan from South America... you know already how this resolves, right?
I want to learn, cover and make tabs for every song on Get Equipped and History Repeating (Both), but this is going to take me some time and i know that there are another guitarists out there who want to play these amazing songs.

By now, i have learned a fistful of songs from all the albums, i covered two of them and made several tabs.

I'll list all songs and my progress (i'll keep updating) you can ask for me to cover/tab a song first if you want, if that song gets demand, i'll do it first, Here we are:

Legend: Covered And Tabbed, Tabbed But Not Covered Yet, Learned But Not Covered or Tabbed Not Learned Yet

Get Equipped

I Want To Be The One/Dr Wily 1, 2 Cover: Tab:

The Message From Dr. Light/Level Select Cover: Tab:

Anihilation Of Monsteropolis/Airman

Metal Dance/Metalman

Carved From Mighty Oak/Woodman

Promise Of Redemption/Bubbleman

Man On Fire/Heatman

Blue Like You/Flashman

The Quick And The Blue/Quickman

Programmed To Fight/Crashman

Lamentations Of A War Machine/End Song

History Repeating: Blue

History Repeating Pt.1

History Repeating Pt.2 One Last Time I plan to cover these 2 together

Can't Stop The Top

Don't Mess With The Magnet Man

You've Sparked A War

Walk Away From Light

Gamma Unchained

I Want To Be The One (To Watch You Die)


History Repeating: Red

Fly On A Dog

Harder Than Steel


The Haystack Principle

Afraid Of The Dark

I'm Not The Breakman

Make Your Choice

I Refuse (To Believe)

Melody From The Past


Scent Blasters


I'll be updating the links on the green ones this week, since UG has not accepted my tabs yet, i'll update when they are in the site.

You all can request, comment or collaborate (if anyone wants to make Bass or Drum tabs it would be great), let's do this a great learning music thread for one of the best videogame cover bands ever!

P.D.: I'm really looking forward to The Belmonts project, am i the only one? I love Mega Man, but I really love Castlevania pretty much at the same level.

Do not blame father, he is only a man.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:51 am 
#1 Johnny
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That's a pretty ambitious endeavor. Good luck.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:12 am 
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You have been the most enthusiastic tab member in a while. I wish I could watch the playthroughs right now but I can't. I'll check them out later. It's refreshing to see a pink account that I don't have to annihilate.

JT wrote:
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Johnny Tijuana wrote:
I'm not letting this go this is some grade-A bullshit you are trying to pull here motherfucker.


PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:59 pm 
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Joined: Wed Oct 28, 2015 2:24 pm
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Thanks Jay C!

It's just that when i listen to something i like, I HAVE TO PLAY IT. And I loved The Megas since the first time they came to my ears (The Quick And The Blue), i just wish i could have listened to them earlier, since i've been like a year for now. And i know there are others guitarists and musicians like me out there, and there will be someone who can appreciate my learning work, and someone who would want to collaborate, since it is a titanic labor and i'm a student, too. The Megas are great, and there must be somebody who makes learning their music easier, and you know? I Want To Be The One!


Do not blame father, he is only a man.

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